Friday, 12 June 2015

Sideways Rainbow Gradient Nails! Yay!

Happy Friday! 

Have you guys got any plans for this weekend? I'm going to be busy busy busy. Not sure if that's good or bad though.. We will see, come Monday!

Today on the blog I have a full detailed post about these rainbow bad boys.

I love me a good gradient and a good rainbow, so why not join both together and have amazing fingertips!? And why not do it sideways since I've never gradient-ed that way before. Now I'm just talkin' craaaazy!!

I used a tonne of polishes for these. They're all listed below.

Base - Cirque Colors 'Carpe Diem'
Pink - China Glaze 'Bottoms Up'
Purple - Picture Polish 'Wisteria'
Blue - OPI 'No Room For The Blues'
Teal - China Glaze 'Too Yacht To Handle'
Green - China Glaze 'Def Defying'
Yellow - China Glaze 'Sunshine Pop'
Orange - L.A. Girl 'Crackle'
Red - Essie 'Hip Anema'
Topper - China Glaze 'Fairy Dust'

I started with a base of Cirque Colors 'Carpe Diem', which is an amazing opaque white, and then protected my cuticles and skin around my nails with a coat of Kiesque's Liquid Palisade. 

Once that had dried I started sponging and when I was happy with the opacity and blend of each colour, I added a topper of China Glaze 'Fairy Dust' and then a top coat to help it dry faster.

I didn't film a tutorial for this because I just wanted to enjoy the rainbow and I also have a tonne of other gradient videos, including this full length tutorial on how to blend your colours perfectly.

I'm loving this so much. I just don't want to take it off.

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