Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Essie Australia Winter 2015 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi all!

Today on the blog I have the Essie Australia Winter 2015 Collection to show you all. These were released in Winter 2014 in the US so they're not 'super new' for the rest of the world, but since our Winter has only just started, it makes sense that they're released here later.

I had swatched these 3 weeks ago and then before I could move them off my phone, it crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. I am only just getting back on top of my 'to swatch again because I lost the photos' collection, but these were at the top of that list.

The first word that comes to mind when I see these colours is ROMANTIC!

They are the perfect colour collection for any event or situation and I think they are all a must have for any polish loving girl. The formula in every polish was amazing and opaque and the wider Euro/Aussie brush makes application a breeze. 

Sorry US branded Essie, your brush really sucks. Our brush totally wins!!

Below I have the full review of each shade.

Back In The Limo is a apricot pink crelly (mix between a creme and a jelly). I did my coats quite thin to help stop any streaking but it wasn't necessary as the formula doesn't streak much at all. Applying less coats gives this a beautiful french manicure/natural look and would be great for a french manicure. The wide brush certainly helps with a flawless application. This looks so nice on my skin tone and I'm obsessed with nudes at the moment so it will be worn a lot. I used three thin coats with no top coat for the photos below.

Bump Up The Pumps is a pink based coral creme that looks so lovely on my super pale skin tone. This colour is more of an Autumn/Fall shade instead of Winter to me but it's gorgeous none the less. One coat gives completely opaque coverage and it has a shine when it dries like a top coat has been applied. The formula is incredible in these! I used two thin coats with no top coat for the photos below.

Double Breasted Jacket is a ruby pink creme that's opaque in 1-2 coats. I applied two coats to even everything out a little but one thick coat would make this go on totally opaque. I love pinky red shades and although this is nothing unique, the formula totally won me over with this. With the wide brush this is a 'one swipe over the nail and you're done' kind of colour. I used two thin coats with no top coat for the photos below.

Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low is a platinum based gold shimmer. This is beautiful! It's fully opaque in 2 coats and although it's a shimmer polish, it leaves no brush stroke marks which is incredible. This would be beautiful for Christmas (which those in the northern hemisphere had it released just in time for). I used two thin coats with no top coat for the photos below.

Jump In My Jumpsuit is a dark berry red creme. The blue undertones in this make it a dream with my pale, yellow undertone skin. I'm a sucker for a good vampy red and this polish is definitely that. It's not unique but it's definitely a new dark red favorite. This polish is the perfect 1 coater and it shines like it has the best top coat applied over it. Perfection. I used two coats with no top coat for the photos below.

Tuck In My Tux is a sheer ivory white jelly/crelly that is even in 2 coats and almost opaque in 3. The formula is very similar to Back In The Limo and was opaque in 3 coats but beautifully sheer in 2 with no streaks. This colour is perfect for not just winter but all year round and has become one of my all time favorites. My favorite from this collection! I used three thin coats with no top coat for the photos below.

Overall this collection has nothing I haven't seen before, but, the wide brush for a one stroke application, opaque and self leveling formula and the shine they all have when they dry make all of these polishes a necessity in your collection.

Tuck It In My Tux & Back In The Limo are the two stand out colours for me, but all other 4 shades tie at second best. The whole collection is so perfect and the colours are gorgeous. Well done Essie!

The Essie Australia Winter 2015 Collection is available for a limited time only from now till August. Get yours at Priceline and select pharmacies now for $16.95 each.

What's your favorite of the collection?


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