Friday, 9 January 2015

Hand Painted Purple Rose & Tutorial

Hey guys! 

Just a quick post today to show you these awesome hand painted roses and a video tutorial to show you how easy they are to do.

I used polish to do the roses as it's not too hard for me to do roses with polish, however if you are a beginner then it's best to start with acrylic paint as it's a lot easier to manage on the nail as polish dries faster and 'gloopier', if that's even a word! You can see below in the video tutorial what I mean.

Polishes used were:

Rimmel - Lively Lilac
OPI Alpine Snow
OPI I Carol About You
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
OPI Mermaid Tears 

I did the dots with a totting tool from eBay and the nail art brush is also from eBay and was $1 for 5 of them. I use cheaper eBay brushes for nail art involving polish as the polish remover will destroy the brushes over time so you don't want to use your expensive or better quality brushes for polish work. Save them for your acrylic paint work.

The crystals are flat back Swarovski crystals from Vwala Nail Supply and I am never going back to crappy rhinestones again. The Swarovski are such incredible quality and so sparkly and also reusable. They can be put in nail polish remover to clean polish and glue off them without any damage to the stone. So worth the extra money when you pay for them.

Below I have a quick and simple tutorial on how I paint the roses to give them depth and make them look real.

Hope you enjoyed the post! See you soon!

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