Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Most Beautiful Blue Polish & Winter Snowflake Nails

Hi guys!

So it's no well kept secret that OPI is my favorite brand and I have a penchant for the more expensive items of the polish world, but sometimes cheap doesn't necessarily mean bad quality! L.A. Girl 3D Effects in 'Brilliant Blue' is proof of that. 

It has a gorgeous holographic sparkle and I just can't stop staring at it under lights or in direct sunshine. 

It's opaque in only two coats or you can layer one coat over a black or navy polish.

These retail for $5 a bottle in the US and $8 a bottle in Australia and they are well worth the money. If you are in Australia, sometimes you can buy these on, which is an online sale website where brands post items at wholesale or discounted prices. You need to sign up to browse the site and keep an eye on what sales are coming up as they come and go in a few days.

I then hand painted snowflakes over the top of it. And filmed a video of me doing it because I like to make my life harder for fun!

I was tossing up between hand drawing these or using a stamp and I went with hand drawn..... and then I started them and wished I had gone with stamping! So much teeny tiny detail! 

The snowflakes are done with white acrylic and my Pure Colour detail brush from @faburnails.

I love the depth that 'Brilliant Blue' adds to the snowflakes. It almost looks like tiny snowflakes falling in the background.

I made this one out of focus to try and capture the holographic sparkle. SO pretty!

And finally the video. I only added me painting two to the video, otherwise it would not have fit on Instagram's 15 second limit or would have been too fast to see detail. A longer video will be on my YouTube once I narrate it.

Music: Mariah Carey - Christmas, Baby Please Come Home.

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