Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Sons Of Anarchy Nails

You guys... It's the end of an era.

In just under 9 hours one of my favorite TV shows ever will begin it's final episode.. it's final ride. I'd been planning these for the finale, but I didn't plan on spending the last 10 hours painting the club logo alone!! I hurt everywhere from concentrating on such tiny detail and leaning over my hand but looking at the final result, it was totally worth it! The reaper is definitely the most intricate nail I've ever done, and it's totally badass. 

Sons Of anarchy nail art

Seeing how bloody this season is I had to add a blood splatter nail. Kurt Sutter has tortured me this season with who he had made meet Mr Mayhem, and my gut tells me that tonight will be the worst. I also had to add the SO & NS rings that Jax wears.

Mr Sutter, thank you for a brilliant story with so much love and heart, amongst all the blood and violence. It has been one hell of a ride. I can't wait to see how you wrap it all up!

Polishes used are @blisspolish 'Jax' & OPI 'Black Onyx' & 'Cinnamon Sweet'. All details are done with acrylic paint. I matted the reaper with Sally Hansen 'Big Matte Top Coat'.

I painted the reaper with my Edinburgh Realism M0 brush from @faburnails since he was done with acrylic paint and a cheap brush from eBay to paint the SO & NS rings as I used nail polish for those and using polish remover on brushes tends to ruin them so I NEVER use my good brushes for that. The splatter was done with the straw technique.

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