Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Time!! My first Christmas mani for the month and my tree.

Hello guys! 

To say that I LOVE Christmas would be a huge understatement. I spend my entire year preparing and waiting for Christmas.

I plan out my Christmas colour scheme and spend all year ordering and collecting decorations for my tiny tree. Unfortunately since I still live in a 2 bedroom unit I don't have the space for anything bigger than our 4ft tree but once we build a house there is a special area planned for a 10ft pine that I can spend days covering in Christmas decorations.

But until then I have to be content with my small tree. And so I cover my little tree in 248 baubles and 300 lights!! 

 Lights off                                  And lights on

I absolutely LOVE my colour scheme this year!! We started collecting the baubles in the sales last year and managed to pick up over 80 for $4! In Australia, we can pay up to $20 for a pack of 20 baubles, so that is a steal! We had to buy lights as I only had the cool white and it wouldn't look right with the warmth of the gold so I sent the boy out and he came home with warm white and I proceeded to spend the next day and a half placing and replacing the baubles to make it look perfect!!

Hooray for Christmas and Christmas nails! 

So now onto my very first Christmas nails of the year! I plan on doing as many as possible so I'm going to be a busy bee this month!

My first of the season are these glittery candy cane stripes that came from a picture ALL over the internet. 

I started with a base of OPI 'Alpine Snow' that was totally dry and top coated, and then painted pva/wood/elmers glue around my cuticle to help with clean up at the end. Next, I cut and added the tape strips and I definitely need some thick straight nail vinyls because cutting my own from tape with my fingers covered in drying glue was a hot mess and they turned out too thick and uneven!! But apart from that.. so sparkly and simple! 

I went over it with Barry M 'Red Glitter' which is my favorite red glitter ever. I sponged it on with a makeup sponge which is the best way to get maximum glitter payoff with less polish bulk. The clear polish that holds the glitter will soak into the sponge and leave the glitter on your nail and help reduce the bulkiness of the glittered area on the nail. I leave it to dry and then remove the tape and glue but hat's just my process. You can remove it while still wet. I then smoothed it all out with 2 coats of top coat, first across the glitter to stop glitter transferring down onto the white polish and when that is almost dried, finish with two coats of top coat down the nail.

Here is the quick instagram video but I will be editing a longer and narrated video once December is over and I have time so keep an eye out for that on YouTube :)

Music is Darius Rucker - Candy Cane Christmas.

How about one more look at my tree?? Oooooooo so pretty!!

Can you tell I am obsessed??

I would love to see yours. Show me your trees!!

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