Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Glitter Tip Nails For New Years & Full Length Tutorial!

Hey dolls!

So, I said yesterday on Instagram that I was taking a break from doing nails for a couple of days.

It didn't last!

Tonight, I had a sudden urge to do some black & gold glitter tips that were inspired by my New Years post that I made to post after midnight.

This was super quick and easy and all you need is glitter nail polish and a makeup sponge. I also made a full length narrated tutorial that explains the steps that I'll post below.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas! My Last Christmas Nails.

Hi guys,

Merry Christmas!!

I have a quick overview post for you guys of my nail art from the last couple of days. I'm currently in Sydney visiting family and have limited access to the internet and limited time for the laptop.

We drove down to Sydney from the Gold Coast (Google maps tells me it's 859km or 533.75 miles) but we stopped overnight half way down to break the drive since holiday traffic is a nightmare. We are here for 3 crazy busy days then are driving home over two days again, but this time staying overnight with family. I'm exhausted because we have not stopped since arriving.

Anyway, I have two nail designs. One posted on Instagram yesterday and the other today for Christmas.

The first are these bauble nails. These are acrylic paint baubles painted on Essie 'The More The Merrier'. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Watermarble Christmas Trees!!! Oh... And video tutorials!

So... I kinda stole a mani idea from my girl @banicured_ on Instagram! 

But it's just so gorgeous I had to copy it. The problem is, I can't watermarble at ALL so I did what @yagala does, and left the design on the water to dry overnight, and then removed it in one piece and cut it up for decals! It's so much easier & less stressful that way!! 

The scraps! It's a watermarble crime scene!

Polishes used were a base of OPI 'Alpine Snow' & the trees are China Glaze 'Gaga For Green', 'Def Defying' & 'Re-Fresh Mint' in a watermarble. The stars are studs from eBay. 
I left the watermarble design in overnight as that is what I read was best but I've since been told that an hour is long enough. Trial it for yourself but remember the temperature of the room it's in will affect drying time and if you do try and take it out too soon it will break. 

After I removed the design, I simply cut out the part of the watermarble I wanted into a triangle, checked it would fit on my nail and not be too wide then applied a quick thin coat of polish and using tweezers, applied the watermarble piece to my nail. Press it down and using a soft/high grit file, lightly file off any extra from the end of your nail. Apply a top coat and glue the star on!

The video is in two parts since I haven't uploaded this one onto YouTube yet.

Oh how I love this mani!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Pudding Nails & Tutorial

You guys!! It's only two days till Christmas!! I'm running out of days to post nail art!!

So on that note.. Christmas pudding nails! 

I used the usual dripping nails technique for the icing but have included a picture tutorial to show the steps. 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

OPI Trend on Ten 2014 Holiday Gift Set

Hi guys,

Sometimes the best things come in cute little packages, and nail polish is no exception. I recently received the new Gift Set from OPI for the 2014 Holidays 'Trend On Ten' and when I pulled out the little tiny bottles, I literally squealed from the cuteness of them.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Two Different Christmas Wreaths Designs & Tutorials

Happy weekend guys!

I have been nail art-ing for about two years now and I have come a LOOONG way. Trust me. So I thought for this post I would do some Christmas Wreath Nails. One simple, and one a bit more elaborate.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Santa Suit Nails & Video Tutorial

Are you guys loving Christmas Nails as much as I am?

This Christmas season really has my creative juices flowing. I have so many more designs to show you in days to come.

Today's mani is inspired by Santa's suit. It's so easy to paint and you don't need special tools as you can use items from around the house.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Classy Chrismas Gift Nails

Happy Friday guys!

Today I did a simple Christmas gift mani! It's a simple twist on the normal gift mani's done with polish and instead I used silver tape and a bow from eBay.

I used OPI 'Cinnamon Sweet', silver striping tape and a bow (both from eBay). I decided to make the lines uneven on my nails unless they were lined up in a 'hand pose'.. just because! 

The bow is attached with nail glue :) no tutorial for this because it's pretty simple.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Simple Snowman Mani for Christmas

Hi guys! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

So... I removed my SOA mani today. It left me sad. Or maybe that's just finale sadness lingering... either way I'm still sad. 

I couldn't even nail art today so I stuck this snowman on my nail to cheer me up. 

And before that I painted my nails with OPI 'What's Your Point-settia?' because it's pretty and a perfect christmas red. Pretty nails make SOA finale sadness a little less severe! The snowman charm is from eBay.

Did you guys watch the SOA finale too? Did you cry the entire last 10 minutes or was that just me? 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Sons Of Anarchy Nails

You guys... It's the end of an era.

In just under 9 hours one of my favorite TV shows ever will begin it's final episode.. it's final ride. I'd been planning these for the finale, but I didn't plan on spending the last 10 hours painting the club logo alone!! I hurt everywhere from concentrating on such tiny detail and leaning over my hand but looking at the final result, it was totally worth it! The reaper is definitely the most intricate nail I've ever done, and it's totally badass. 

Sons Of anarchy nail art

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

OLAF! Frozen Nail Art

Hey everyone!

So since the first time I watched Frozen, I fell in love with a certain little snowman who loves summer. Now, see, I don't have kids so I haven't had to be submitted to it millions of times and I STILL love it so I decided to paint a little Olaf on my nails while listening to the Frozen soundtrack.

This was so much fun to paint, but my hand was shaking in some parts SO bad. I don't know how some of the nail art ladies do this detail work so much. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out though. 

And since it's currently summer here in Australia, I added his flowers since Olaf loves summer so much. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Most Beautiful Blue Polish & Winter Snowflake Nails

Hi guys!

So it's no well kept secret that OPI is my favorite brand and I have a penchant for the more expensive items of the polish world, but sometimes cheap doesn't necessarily mean bad quality! L.A. Girl 3D Effects in 'Brilliant Blue' is proof of that. 

It has a gorgeous holographic sparkle and I just can't stop staring at it under lights or in direct sunshine. 

It's opaque in only two coats or you can layer one coat over a black or navy polish.

These retail for $5 a bottle in the US and $8 a bottle in Australia and they are well worth the money. If you are in Australia, sometimes you can buy these on, which is an online sale website where brands post items at wholesale or discounted prices. You need to sign up to browse the site and keep an eye on what sales are coming up as they come and go in a few days.

I then hand painted snowflakes over the top of it. And filmed a video of me doing it because I like to make my life harder for fun!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Time!! My first Christmas mani for the month and my tree.

Hello guys! 

To say that I LOVE Christmas would be a huge understatement. I spend my entire year preparing and waiting for Christmas.

I plan out my Christmas colour scheme and spend all year ordering and collecting decorations for my tiny tree. Unfortunately since I still live in a 2 bedroom unit I don't have the space for anything bigger than our 4ft tree but once we build a house there is a special area planned for a 10ft pine that I can spend days covering in Christmas decorations.

But until then I have to be content with my small tree. And so I cover my little tree in 248 baubles and 300 lights!! 

 Lights off                                  And lights on

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Nail Routine & How I Keep My Nails Healthy & Strong!!

Hi guys,

EDIT: I now have all this info in a YouTube video with all this info! You can watch it below.

And now the blog post:

So after posting a photo of my naked nails on Instagram a couple of days ago I had a huge response from you guys asking how I keep my nails so long and strong. I thought a blog post might be a little more helpful than giving you a quick run down on the products I use because this way you can see each product and get more details about each one.

So here we go...