Sunday, 9 November 2014

One More Set Of Moustache Nails

Happy Sunday :) I hope your weekend was relaxing/fun/exciting/however you prefer your weekends!

I changed up my Moustache/Movember nails again! And this time I added some houndstooth.

This red ♡♡♡!! This will also be the last mani with my moustache feature nail because after I photographed these nails tonight it popped right off my nail in one whole piece. That's what happens when you have oily nail beds and leave polish on for 4 days lol 

Polishes used: OPI 'Alpine Snow' & 'Fashion A Bow', Konad black on MoYou London's Pro 04 plate & moustache decals from Born Pretty Store. Use the code GBJ61 to get 10% off and free shipping.

Just remember, by increasing our understanding of men’s experience of depression, we can begin to tackle the rates of depression and anxiety in men by developing and providing appropriate and timely services and/or activities. By reducing stigma, facilitating a change in men’s help seeking behaviour, and challenging traditional perceptions of masculinity, it is believed that a reduction in the male suicide rate can be achieved in the medium to long term.

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