Sunday, 2 November 2014

I Did A Bad Thing To My Savings.....

*sheepishly* Hi guys....

Ok so let me start by saying I love a SALE! What girl doesn't right?? We see the words 'Sale' or 'Reduced' or '60% Off' and lose our minds buying things we don't even need.

But two weeks ago I was on OzSale..... For all my overseas readers, it's a sale website that sells things at reduced prices. I LOVE IT! I get all my polishes from there these days. I can get China Glaze for $4 each (retails at $15.95 here in Australia) and OPI for $7 each (retails at $19.95 here in Australia) with cheap $1-$7 postage which is the biggest problem with eBay. I can order as much as I want and the postage is usually $6.95, but sometimes they have delivery price sales and it can be as low as $1. To send 20 polishes... STEAL!

I am usually calm and order very few OPI because they cost almost twice the China Glaze (The CG are a different story... I go nuts!) and are usually old collections or unpopular colours, but then they had a sale with over 400 colours and plenty of recent collections.

And this happened....

Oh no...

To my credit I DID reduce my cart from 92 down to only 43... it was so tough. I think I deserve a gold star for me efforts.

I ended up looking at swatches online, and rated out of 10, for about 300 polishes (because I already owned about 100 of them) and added all the polishes immediately that I gave a 9 or a 10 to, to my cart. 

Then I decided it was too hard to shave it down to under 50 and threw myself off the balcony.

Ok not really but I felt like it would have been less painful.

This was my final result and I can't think of a better way to spend a ridiculous amount of money....

Super happy with the ones I did choose. Now if only I could win the lottery and buy all the polishes!!

Now to do some kick-ass nail art with them all... I'll see you in a month!

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