Thursday, 23 October 2014

Monster Eyes In The Dark Nails

Hi guys,

There are some manis that when I finish them I look at them and squeel. These were one of them.

I loooove this mani!! Just some creepy coloured eyes in the dark... I actually based these off a child's cartoon tv show I watched when I was younger but couldn't think of it at all... A follower of mine on Instagram reminded me that it was called 'Trap Door'. The eyes in the dark is in the intro to the show! Blast from the past...

I used all Ulta3 polishes for this one. 'Black Satin' for the base and 'Atomic OJ', 'Jelly', 'Freshly Squeezed' & 'Blue Marlin' for the eyes over a base of 'Lily White' to make the colours really pop. 

Hope you guys like it! Halloween nails are fun!!!

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