Sunday, 5 October 2014

Going PINK For October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

Hi blog reader-inos!

So, this month I have decided to not just focus on the popular 'Halloween Nails' but to also dedicate many of my manis this month will be pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  

Breast cancer affects millions of women and their families every year so most of my nails this month will be pink and involve a ribbon to remember those we have lost, give strength to those fighting and remind you girls to check those boobies! 

It's super important, and not something that just affects older women so start getting to know your ta-tas now so if anything does happen to be 'out of the ordinary' you can catch it quicker.

My first Pink Ribbon Mani is of course, a pink ribbon mani!

Because, DUH! Polishes used: OPI 'Sparrow Me The Drama', 'Princesses Rule!', 'Teenage Dream' & 'Alpine Snow'.I painted on the ribbon with just a small nail art brush. Top Coat is the ever amazing Glisten and Glow HK Girl Fast Drying Super Shiny Top Coat. Get some. You won't be disappointed.

Pink fleur-de-lis nail art! Polishes used: OPI 'Shorts Story' (all time fave pink ever!!), 'Alpine Snow' & China Glaze 'Something Sweet'. I used a plate from the MoYou London Tourist Collection for the stamping pattern and hand painted the large fluer-de-lis with polish and a nail art brush I got off eBay and trimmed down. Top coat is @glistenandglow1 HK Girl Top Coat.

This one I even filmed a tutorial for.. And let me tell you.. It was obvious to everyone it was my first proper tute filming.. I apologise For the bad lighting, finger placement and overall crappiness haha

Also, please note this isn't the original Fleur-de-lis in the photo. I removed it the next day so I could film a tutorial so that's why there may be inconsistencies.

And lastly, for this post anyway, is a pink leopard print mani. I don't think I can say how much i dislike the leopard/cheetah print on things in real life. Unless it's on my nails. Then its BADASS!

Polishes used: OPI 'Alpine Snow', 'Pink Friday' & 'Shorts Story'. All done with a dotting tool. If you don't have dotting tools, the end of toothpicks or bobby pins works perfectly. Trust me!

And I filmed a tute for that too!!

So that's it for my Breast Cancer Awareness mani's for now.. These are what I have been rocking this week. Love pink nails so it's not even out of my comfort zone.

Can't wait to see your pink mani's too! And don't forget to buy a pink ribbon this month and help raise money to get lots more research done and hopefully stop this awful disease.

Til next time....


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