Monday, 13 October 2014

Cute Halloween Monsters!!

It's time for Halloween nails!!!!!


I love the idea of Halloween but I am NOT a fan of scary things at ALL! So I made my monsters cute. Because what's not more Halloween-y than cuteness!

 And I even made tutorials for each one!!

I used a base of @LAgirlcosmetics 'Fairytale' and drew on details and lines with a trimmed down brush from eBay, @Ulta3 'Black Satin' and white and black acrylic paint.

My favorite nail of the bunch!! The tutorial for the cute vampire :) I used a base of OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff' and then black and white acrylic paint for the details with a generic nail art brush I got from eBay. Please note, none of these had been top coated yet in the videos.

Now for the Frankenstein tutorial. He looks so unimpressed..... I used a base of Essie 'The More The Merrier' and used Ulta3 'Black Satin' and black acrylic paint for the details. Brush is a generic nail art brush from eBay. I hadn't added top coat in the videos yet.

And finally... the ghost tutorial. Super easy. Just a few dots and a mouth :) I used Ulta3 'Lily White' as a base, 'Black Satin' for the eyes, and acrylic paint for the mouth. I hadn't top coated while videoing.

Hope you guys like these. Who says Halloween Nail Art has to be creepy?

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