Friday, 19 September 2014

Sunset Gradient & City Skyline Mani

Happy Friday guys!!!!

So first, fantastic news!! My camera tripod finally arrived today so i can finally start filming tutorials. Now, who wants to teach me how to edit videos?? Anyone??

Secondly, I finally did a skyline mani I have been wanting to do for SO long. 

I decided to go with a sunset inspired by the one I saw yesterday from my window and then added a mixed NYC/Sydney skyline of buildings to the nails. I would post the two photos I used for building inspiration up, but with all that sticky copyright law and not knowing how to properly credit/if I have to ask permission, I'll just let you search for them under 'city skyline sunset' on Google.

I used two Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes in shades 'B Girl' & 'Pinky Promise' and added Sinful Colors 'Unicorn' between them over a base of white. You can only see a tiny bit of the pink behind the buildings but that was intended to give the sky just a little more warmth.

Then I got the black acrylic paint out and drew in the buildings and topped it all off with G&G HK Girl Top Coat (my favorite top coat EVER!!!). I had to include the Sydney Centrepoint Tower because it's so unique and has
definitely inspired me to do a Sydney only skyline with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House soon!

Why acrylic paint? It is easier to use, dried faster, doesn't smear with top coat and doesn't ruin your brushes as fast with having to submerge them in acetone all the time to clean polish off. With acrylic paint it's just little warm water and they're clean.

Hope you like them! I honestly think this will be one of those mani's that is really hard to remove. They keep catching my attention and making me smile. #nailartproblems. Wanting to paint your nails but not wanting to take off what you only just did!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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