Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sons Of Anarchy Nails

Hello everyone!!!!!!

Sons is back!! SONS IS BACK!! I mean, it sucks that it's the last season but still.. More Jackson Teller on my TV is great news!

I started with a simple gradient using OPI 'Black Onyx' and Bliss Polish 'Jax'. So pretty. I could have worn it alone like this! Sometimes nothing beats a good gradient and 'Jax' is just so pretty!

And then I went crazy with the art. I did it all with acrylic paint and nail art brushes. I tried to copy the Sons font and then free handed a reaper skull. I'm not super happy with the reaper but on my teeny pinkie nail I think it's alright for a first time free handed reaper.

Can't wait for this season but I'm dreading all the mayhem. I'm scared. Kurt has proven that no one is safe and I have a feeling this last season will be total bloodshed. I just don't want it to end. I don't want any characters I love to die. My poor heart can't handle it.

Are you a Sons fan? What are your reactions on the first episode?

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  1. Love your nail designs and SOA! So sad that Kurt bloody ended it :-(