Monday, 29 September 2014

LOVE & HATE Nails PLUS a Video Tutorial!!!


Something new and exciting for you guys today!! 

 I'm a huge fan of body art and tattoos, and while flicking through a tattoo magazine I saw a pretty lady with the words 'Love' and 'Hate' tattooed on her knuckles. It was instant inspo for these mani's!

For 'LOVE' I used a base of OPI 'Alpine Snow' and then my black Uniball Signo gel pen to draw the lines of the lettering in. It is a great tool in nail art as you have so much control over the pen tip unlike of the end of the paintbrush, which can go a bit crazy on me sometimes. In the large opening on each letter I filled it in with OPI 'Over & Over A-Gwen' and 'Black Onyx' and then blended them together to create a more 'gradient' look.

For 'HATE' I again used 'Alpine Snow' and black Uniball Signo gel pen, but in the opening I blended together OPI 'Black Onyx' & Essie 'Butler Please'.

These are the pens I used but they don't have to be the Uniball Signo brand. 

Other brands that make similar products are:
  • Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip
  • Pilot Juice
  • Sakura Gelly Roll
  • Sakura Suffle 
  • Sakura Glaze
  • Yatsutomo Y&C Gel Extreme
However, any pen that has a very liquidy ink that resembles a gel consistency should work well. I only favour the Uniball Signo brand because once it's dried for a couple of minutes it doesn't smudge with a top coat, but if it has dried and you change your mind, a licked finger will remove the design so you can start again!! It's genius. I have no idea why top coat doesn't budge it but I'm NOT complaining.

I also filmed a little video showing how I did the lettering. In this I didn't use polish in the empty space, I just filled in in with pen to save filming time.

And I have also filmed a demonstration on how easy it to draw on and wipe off. So great for mistakes. Just don't try taking off half the design or you are destined to fail haha

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found the tutorials useful!


  1. Where's the video about the

  2. Where's the video about the Signo pen I just saw u post about on ur Instagram? Would love to see how u use it for ur nail art... U r amazing!! Xoxo!