Friday, 8 August 2014

Turning Tragedy Into Beauty

Happy Friday everyone!

Tragedy struck this week when I moved too quickly to catch something that was falling and I managed to catch my index and middle finger on the edge of it and broke them both down super low, half tearing off my free edge.

Not only is this super bad for nail art purposes, it hurt like a mother.

Zoya 'Sunshine' over my sore nubs. Texture polishes are great for added strength and thickness of polish.

So I am down to extreme nubs now. I have absolutely no free edge, and on my index and middle finger I have exposed nail bed where the nail tore off.. Argh!!! It's all healed up now so I am able to paint over it with polish to make it look like the nail is whole still. Still SO bad!

I'm seeing it as a positive though and am going to think up and design some really kick ass short nail designs.. Designs that are perfect for short nails.

Will keep you posted!

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