Thursday, 7 August 2014

Black & White Nails

I'm obsessed with black and white.. I planned on furnishing my entire house with that colour scheme until I met my other half and he wouldn't let me. Apparently we 'share' the house so we both have a say. He sucks. He's fantastic.

I recently did two separate mani's using only black and white recently. One with striping tape and the other with dotting tools. Dots and stripes. So basic but something anyone can do.

For the first I used OPI 'Alpine Snow' and Essie 'Licorice' and then I did a accent nail of sorts using Zoya 'Dahlia' which is my new most favorite texture in the world. I used my 5 dotting tools that I bought on eBay, which have ten various sized dotting ends to use. Then I matted the three dotted nails with Sally Hansen 'Big Matte Top Coat'.

For the second, I used a base of OPI 'My Boyfriend Scales Walls' and then Essie 'Licorice' for the black detailing. I used my striping tape routine to make the squares and then I tried out the splatter technique for the first time ever, when you blow polish off the end of a straw to get the splatter look. At first, I could only get the paint to come off the straw when I aimed it at the paper towel as a test. I blew and I blew when it was aimed at my nail and I almost hyperventilated. I finally did it though. I found the trick was to move faaaast from the polish and blow quickly. Again, I accented a nail with 'Dahlia'.

Hope you guys like it. Any questions or comments, please feel free to ask or comment. 



  1. nails were nice and now I get a good idea, thanks

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