Sunday, 31 August 2014

Nubbin Nails Catch Up!

Hi girls!

I have a few manis to catch you all up on that I have posted on Instagram in the last week but haven't blogged about yet.

The first is a stained glass/mosaic mani that I just sort of winged as I went.

I drew the lines on with a white gel pen (I use the brand Uniball Signo) and then used various teals and greens to fill in random triangles. I went back over the white lines to clean them up and topped it with a couple of coats of top coat to smooth it out

I used Picture Polish 'Tiffany' and 'Jade', China Glaze 'Bahamian Escape' and Ulta3 'Lagoon'.

The next nails were inspired by the amazing @wondrouslypolished who has been a total nail inspo for me with my nubbins. 

I took so many screencaps and filled in blank nail templates with ideas from her page!! Hers are so much better but I just couldn't be bothered with a gradient tonight, so I went simple. Go check her page out if you aren't already following because she is amaze. 

These were done with 'Jade' & 'Tiffany' by Picture Polish. I love my mints and teals at the moment.

These are some nice and simple nails.

As much as I love my nail art sometimes simple is just right. I used
OPI 'Chic From Ears To Tail' and OPI 'It's Frosty Outside' and covered it in 5 different sizes of flat back Swarovski that I got from Born Pretty Store :) to keep the stones on, I used a coat of clear polish (I didn't do that for the photo as it tends to create bubbles.. boo polish bubbles!!

I thought they were cute but they were very popular on Instagram which definitely proves the 'less is more' theory.

Lastly, nautical nubbins!!!!!!!

Nautical nubbins! I received a huge bunch of charms this week that I ordered from 
Born Pretty Store and had to do something with the anchor I received right away. The chevrons are done with Small Nail Vinyls (now available to us Aussies through @picturepolish) and Essie 'Hip Anema' & 'Butler Please' over a base of OPI 'Alpine Snow'. The studs are from eBay. 

Definitely different to my other nautical nails but I love them. They're a lot more bold than my last ones.

So that's my nubbin nails catch up post. I'm slowly getting over being MissJenFabulous'd (UPDATE: she denied ever seeing my nails before she did hers. Coincidence? Probably not.) and trying to just move on with more badass designs that she will want to copy!!

Let me know which is your favorite and leave any requests in the comments.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dice Nails

Happy Hump Day!

Someone mentioned on my Instagram the other day when I posted the card suite nails that they would be perfect for Vegas and it made me think about dice and how perfect they would be on nails.

And I was right!!

My dice mani. So cute. So Vegas. Perfect for short nails!

I used China Glaze 'White On White' for the base and then 'Liquid Leather' and a dotting tool to do the dots and then I matted it out with Sally Hansen 'Big Matte Top Coat'.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Ladybug Nails

Ergh Mondays suck.

Especially when you're sick. And I have been now on and off for months and it is driving me insane. Constant headaches are killing me.

So to cheer me up, I did some cute ladybugs on my nubbins.

I used Essie 'Geranium' for the base and 'Licorice' for their heads and then with a black gel pen added the antenna and uneven/natural spots once it had dried. The eyes were done with a white gel pen. Once the ink had dried I topped it all with Sally Hansen 'Big Matte Top Coat'.

Perfect for nubbins! 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Cross Studded Nails

Happy Friday!

I had a spare 20 minutes today so I did a quick mani with my favorite black polish ever, OPI 'Black Onyx'. It's the perfect one coater if you apply it the right way.

I used these 3mm studs from eBay and placed a cross on my ring finger and thumb using a wax pencil.

It's really simple, took 10 minutes to do both hands. Rocker chic!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Tuxedo and Card Suit Nails

Casino nails on my nubs! Yaaaaaaay!

So Casino Royale was on tv and James Bond was playing poker. And because I am a nailie, I can't just watch TV without getting inspired. And I was inspired twice.

Thse were obviously inspired by the famous James Bond tuxedo. I used China Glaze 'White On White' and Australis 'Black Out' for the shirt and jacket. I used my striping tape routine to get super crisp lines. For the bow ties and button details I used a black gel pen so I could get them really neat.

And because he was playing poker, card suit nails!! I started with a base of China Glaze 'White On White' and then used nail art brushes and acrylic paints to make the suites.

Why acrylic paint? Its cheaper, dries faster, easier to use and doesn't smudge. It's a fantastic nail art option.

My Casino Royale nails are kinda great. I love how simple they are and how easy they are to do but they really make a statement.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Strawberry Nails For Short Nails


Time for some strawberry nails take 2!!

I thought I would try some nubbin strawberries.

These were super easy to do. I started with a base of OPI 'Shorts Story' and then added the dots with a dotting tool and OPI 'Alpine Snow'. The leaves are a base of L.A. Girl 'Peacock' and then L.A. Girl 'Can U Dig It?' on top done with a small art brush.

Great second strawberry nail option! Who doesn't love strawberry nails?

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Converse Nails

Hey everyone,

I saw this converse nails design online a while ago but I knew it was best for short nails so I never attempted them. As soon as I broke my nails I knew it had to be my first nub nail art.

I started with these amazing pastels by Picture Polish. From left to right: 'Twinkle', 'Candy', 'Mellow Yellow' & 'Tiffany'. 

I used China Glaze 'White On White' for the half moons at the end of the nail and black and white gel pens were used for the shoe lace detail.

It was super easy, especially with the use of gel pens. They are great for nail art, thin line application, they dry fast and they don't smear with top coats.

What do you think? I LOVE them.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Turning Tragedy Into Beauty

Happy Friday everyone!

Tragedy struck this week when I moved too quickly to catch something that was falling and I managed to catch my index and middle finger on the edge of it and broke them both down super low, half tearing off my free edge.

Not only is this super bad for nail art purposes, it hurt like a mother.

Zoya 'Sunshine' over my sore nubs. Texture polishes are great for added strength and thickness of polish.

So I am down to extreme nubs now. I have absolutely no free edge, and on my index and middle finger I have exposed nail bed where the nail tore off.. Argh!!! It's all healed up now so I am able to paint over it with polish to make it look like the nail is whole still. Still SO bad!

I'm seeing it as a positive though and am going to think up and design some really kick ass short nail designs.. Designs that are perfect for short nails.

Will keep you posted!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Black & White Nails

I'm obsessed with black and white.. I planned on furnishing my entire house with that colour scheme until I met my other half and he wouldn't let me. Apparently we 'share' the house so we both have a say. He sucks. He's fantastic.

I recently did two separate mani's using only black and white recently. One with striping tape and the other with dotting tools. Dots and stripes. So basic but something anyone can do.

For the first I used OPI 'Alpine Snow' and Essie 'Licorice' and then I did a accent nail of sorts using Zoya 'Dahlia' which is my new most favorite texture in the world. I used my 5 dotting tools that I bought on eBay, which have ten various sized dotting ends to use. Then I matted the three dotted nails with Sally Hansen 'Big Matte Top Coat'.

For the second, I used a base of OPI 'My Boyfriend Scales Walls' and then Essie 'Licorice' for the black detailing. I used my striping tape routine to make the squares and then I tried out the splatter technique for the first time ever, when you blow polish off the end of a straw to get the splatter look. At first, I could only get the paint to come off the straw when I aimed it at the paper towel as a test. I blew and I blew when it was aimed at my nail and I almost hyperventilated. I finally did it though. I found the trick was to move faaaast from the polish and blow quickly. Again, I accented a nail with 'Dahlia'.

Hope you guys like it. Any questions or comments, please feel free to ask or comment. 


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Neon Gradient Nails

Happy Sunday!

I got fantastic polishes recently from LA Girl and needed to make a neon gradient with some of them stat!

I saw a great 'glue trick' that some of the girls in the nail community are using on instagram and had to try it. And it worked perfectly. You just paint PVA/wood glue/Elmers glue around your cuticles and onto your skin to act as a buffer to protect the skin from the polish. It makes clean up a breeze and plus it's fun to pel off!

I started with a base of white. I used China Glaze 'White On White' to make the neon brighter.

Mid process. Imagine the clean up I would have to do if I hadn't pre-glued!!

The finished product. So pretty! I used all L.A. Girl polishes: 'Glow', 'Leap', 'Peacock' & 'Plunge'. They work so perfectly together. I used the typical makeup sponge technique. Super easy and so eye striking!

Then I added a stamp. Because... well, why not!!  

I stamped BM-314 (one of very few of the Bundle Monster plates that actually work for me.. do anyone else have the problem of polish just wiping out the stamp when you scrape??? SO frustrating..) and used Konad Black to stamp with since they're so pigmented! I played around with this stamp and added some extra swirls in empty spaces.

So that's it. A neon gradient so awesome it makes your face melt.