Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Vintage Flower Looking Mani and Property Theft

Hi all!

Before I share with you my floral mani, I need to vent a little. So buckle up and prepare for the rage.

Recently I had an account take my photos and erase my watermark and add theirs on top, taking credit for my hard work and creativity. I was absolutely outraged. It was lucky I was sitting in a hospital waiting for my partner to get a blood test because otherwise I could have broken something.

The issue has been semi-resolved now, with the photos they used to sell things from their store using MY images, removed, however their account still remains active, and since they have blocked me I can no longer see if they are still stealing my work. But then yesterday I randomly came across someone on instagram with my mani on their fingers and NO credit given to me. The mani was my concept and my creativity and yet this person (who isn't a newbie and has a healthy amount of followers) straight up copied my idea onto their nails and then was commenting like it came from her head to people's praise??

In my opinion these two people are the same kinds of pathetic. Using someones work and ideas to sell products or simply gain followers is just wrong. It's not hard to say 'This was inspired by .....' because chances are, that person's watermark is sitting above the nails you're copying. If it was an unmarked image on Google.. whatever, that's a little harder.. but copying someones work and then pretending it was your idea? If you can't credit other people's work you deserve to be hit by a bus driven by karma.

Aaaaaanyway... In lighter news..

I did a vintage floral mani today that I saw back in March and knew I needed to do them. So I did. They are inspired by the talented @_lovely_nails_ on instagram and I straight up copied her fantastical mani because changing it would ruin it! Go follow her because she is amazing :)

Isn't it preeeeeetty??

Let me know in the comments your opinions on nail art thieves and how to deal with them.. I think public lashings in the square is an acceptable punishment....