Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rainbow Nails!! YAY!!


So.. I did this mani on my nails last night before bed, and although I looove it and can't stop looking at my nails, the original plan was a wave of dots across the middle of each nail with white left at the top and bottom. 

ARGH! Look at that unpolished thumb nail! This was right after the dotting was finished and top coat was on. Photo time before I smudge and ruin them!!

Then I proceeded to picked up my dotting tools and obviously lost my mind and went dot crazy. I cannot be trusted!!


I used OPI 'Alpine Snow' for the base and then added the following colours from left to right. 

Ulta3 - Honolulu
Natio - Sunflower
Australis - Hip Hip Hooray (my favorite red! Great colour and no stain on cleanup!!)
L.A. Girl Color Pop - Snapped
OPI - Pink Flamenco
Picture Polish - Candy
Picture Polish - Wisteria
Sinful Colors - Endless Blue
Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away!
L.A. Girl Disco Brites Blacklight - Can U Dig It?
Ulta3 - Jelly

And of course, because I couldn't stop looking at them and when my stupid Seche Vite started pulling them up off the edges the NEXT DAY (grrrrrr Seche Shrinkage.. GRRRRR!!) I had to take a selfie (aka nailie) to always remember their badassness. Plus I was having a KICKASS eyeborw day that needed to be documented. Girls, you know how it is.

I didn't want to remove these bad boys. 

Rainbow dot nails, we will be reunited again!


  1. So beautiful, and yep rockin brows! Wish mine were that polished!

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