Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Pink Holographic Stamped Nails

Hi guys,

Another detailed post on a recent instagram mani!

I recently received a whole lotta L.A. Girl polish and as soon as I swatched the 3D Effects polish in 'Dazzling Pink' I knew I had to use it on my nails ASAP.

I used one of the MoYou London Princess Collection plates to stamp some roses over it using Konad Black and just loved how girly it ended up looking. I seriously need more MoYou plates because they are just spectacular quality and the designs kick ass.

I added a flash for the photos below to show off it's true holographic shimmer. It's just so much prettier than photos can show.

And now I present my Cinderella hand!! Stamped with Konad white because my guy said white would look better over LA Girl 'Dazzling Pink' than black would, but I had my heart already set on black.. So I did each hand different!! I also lost a corner a few days ago so I am trialling a oval/round shape on this hand which I am LOVING! Now, to move it to my left hand too or to keep them square.. hmmm

In natural sunlight

Both hands together. The different colours and shape of my nails makes it look like two different hands haha

Let me know which shape and colour combination you prefer.. I'm still debating whether I should change my shape or not.


  1. Black roses & round nails :)

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