Sunday, 13 July 2014

My Very First Galaxy..

Hey guys!


I have been avoiding doing this type of nail art for SO long because it just looked SO scary and overwhelming. But I am so happy with how simple it was and how incredible and eye catching the final result is.

I mean, look at that!!! How beautiful is it. And somehow I created a nebula on my index finger. I mean, totally meant to do that!!

I wish I had taken photos to do a tutorial but I honestly didn't have that much faith in my ability to do something this badass on the first try so I will have to do more in the future and possibly do a video or photo tute :)

I started with a base of black. I obviously used my go to black OPI 'Black Onyx' for one coat. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't even have to be opaque! It's just to add some darkness to the background.

I then added a thin coat of L.A. Girl 3D Effects 'Black Illusion' which is a black polish with a scattered holographic shimmer through it. SO pretty and perfect for the back ground of a galaxy.

I got a makeup sponge and ripped it into smaller pieces (about 1cm x 1cm) and then using sheer jelly style polishes (I used Australis 'Sky's The Limit' and '#makethemagic') and the corner of one piece of sponge randomly sponge the colour over the nails. Then using white, highlight some areas of the colour you just put down and then go over it with the coloured polish again to get both dark and light colour streaks of galaxy. In some areas that were a little too bright I put more black on a sponge and, after pressing off the excess, went over the too bright areas to add some black and dull it down.

Then with a white polish and a nail art brush I drew in the stars and added a few dots, randomly wiped on some small silver glitter polish in areas and topped it with top coat.

I am SO happy with the result. Hope you love it too!


  1. Beautiful Jema! I especially like how you did the white stars... I love all the color combinations as well ;)

  2. These galaxy nails are so cute!! Love them! I want to try it too but I think my result will be a little disaster, hehe.

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