Sunday, 27 July 2014

My Striping Tape Routine

Hi guys,

I post a lot of mani's using nail art tape and always get a lot of comments about how I get my lines so crisp. I honestly don't think I do that much different to most people, maybe I was just lucky with the tape that I got being great quality, but I doubt it since it's just from eBay and most people get their tape from there. Maybe it's my technique after I add the top colour. I have never experimented to see.

I'm not saying this technique is perfect every time, nor that it will work perfectly for you. Below I have written up my routine and how I get the great and clean results that I do.

1. Start with your base coat. The only rule with this is that it has to be 200% dry. I test mine by pushing a nail at light-medium strength into the polish. If it dents, let it dry more and smooth the dent by rubbing something smooth and flat over the dent. I use one coat of INM Out The Door to dry mine faster and I also find it helps seal my tape edges down. Out The Door is the only top coat that I find helps with this. If you don't own it, it's better to apply no top coat as I have found the polish is 'stickier' than top coats such as Seche.

2. Apply the tape. I find the trick with the tape is obviously to only touch right on the end of the tape that will be hanging off the nail to avoid it losing it's adhesiveness. I use my fingers to apply my tape pieces and when I cut them I stick them around the top of a polish bottle lid but I know some people prefer tweezers. Both are fine, just make sure you always hold the same end or the tape at your cuticle line will lift up and let polish under it.

3. Apply top colour. This is where I think my technique is the most successful because it's different to what most people do. I apply the colour and then leave it. Yep, I leave it and let it dry! Obviously you need to have a lot of time up your sleeve to do this so I don't suggest doing a stripe mani before you start work...

4. Once it's dry I peel the tape off, and if any polish has leaked I use a small flat angle brush with nail polish remover on it and lightly clean the line up. I cannot stress how much I mean to run the brush over the imperfection lightly. Too hard and you will take off the base colour and have to start again! Since I have been using my 'wait until it's dry' technique I have only had to clean up twice and both times were near my cuticle where my skin was oily and the tape lifted up. I then clean around my edges and cuticles and apply a top coat to each nail.

If your top coat is a streaker then apply the top coat across the stripes first then over the whole nails to reduce the colour spreading across the lines.

All done! That easy. No real change on the normal technique except for the not removing the tape until the top colour has dried, yet it's a technique that is working for me.

Again, I'm not saying this technique is perfect every time, nor that it will work perfectly for you. I'm just sharing how I find it works for me.

I'd love to hear if it works for you too!


  1. Well definately working for you, and great blog! I came because of IG...but I'm going to stay a while!

  2. I will try your technique and report back! IG - thepolishescape

  3. I will definitely give this a try because when I use tape and take it off immediately it always has little tiny leaks- nothing too bad but certainly nit as crisp and perfect as yours. They are always so beautiful!