Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Bag Inspired Nails

Heya people!

I was at the shops and I saw this bag:

I loved it. I bought it. I knew straight away I had to put it on my nails. 

So I did THIS!

I LOOOOOVE IT. I want to keep it on for a week. That won't happen because it always chips because I am a nail tapper but still.. Love it!

The colours are so striking against each other! I used my Striping Tape Routine to get such crisp lines (never fails!!) and studs from eBay which I painted black.

The polishes I used were:

L.A. Girl 'Peacock'
OPI 'Alpine Snow'
Essie 'Licorice'

It's even Lewis (aka Groob, Grooberson, Groobus or Grub) approved for chewing!
(but really, he chews anything as long as it's on me.. I am his walking talking chew toy)

Hope you like them as much as I do! Mint, black & white for the win!!

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