Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Fault In Our Stars Nail Art

Hi guys,

So I decided to do a mani that pretty much EVERYONE has already done before me, but since I'm going to see the movie tomorrow (and undoubtedly bawl my eyes out through the entire thing) I thought I would finally do some TFIOS nails! YAY!

I know this is pretty much what EVERY nail artist is doing for their TFIOS nails but it's just so perfect.. why mess with a good thing??

Would you believe that out of the 700ish polishes I owned I had NO aqua to match the book cover?? WHAT?

You KNOW I had to turn to the boyfriend and say 'THIS is why I need more nail polish!'. He was not impressed that I now have a really good reason to buy more when we're out!

Anyone who has read the book understands the significance of the 'Okay? Okay.' quotes which I hand painted on. The base is Sinful Colours 'Why Not' which was the closest blue I had to the book cover and I used nail polish for the bubbles and acrylic paint for the words because they are SO teeny and nail polish just wouldn't have worked on my brush. I used a brush from eBay that was small to begin with but I have trimmed down to about 4-5 hairs in size.

The index and pinkie fingers are a base of 'Why Not' stamped with LA Girls Nail Polish in 'Splash' (now discontinued) on a MoYou London Princess Collection Plate (my faves... seriously!) to get the lettering to mimic the book cover. All topped in Seche Vite.

I love this book and I love my nails almost as much. I cannot wait to see the movie tomorrow!

Have you seen the movie? Read the book? Did it tear out your hear and set it on fire like it did mine??

Till next time,

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