Friday, 6 June 2014

Inspired By My PJs & A Bow Pattern Tutorial!

Hey guys,

I posted this mani on my Instagram last night and wanted to post a few more pictures on here before I removed it :)

I was totally inspired the other day when i looked down at my pyjamas and decided that putting it on my nails was a necessity.

Super obsessed with these!!

The polishes I used were all OPI (because it's my ultimate fave brand!!
Black Onyx
Alpine Snow
Over & Over A-Gwen
The bow, diamonties and studs are all from eBay

My pyjama pants are covered in a bow print, and when I searched through my plates I realised I had NO bow pattern stamp.. Whatttt?? So I totally just free hand painted them on with polish!! I even created my very FIRST pictorial for you to try it yourself. 

The steps are:
1. Start with your base colour. 
2. Using a small dotting tool, place dots where you want the bows to go. 
3. With a small nail art brush, use nail polish to draw two rounded triangles on each side of the dot to form the bow. 
4. And fill them in. 
5. Using the same brush, do two lines under the bow (this part is optional.. I just love bow ends!). 
6. Using your nail art brush, get the base colour polish again and add the middle knot and folds detailing. 
7. Add a topcoat (it smoothes out soo many bumps and inconsistencies!). 
8. Add diamonties to the middles of the bows for a little something extra.

I think I made it easy enough to follow and hope the pictures do most of the explaining. It's a really easy process and I surprised myself with how easy it was! Then I felt really stupid for thinking of using a stamp when this was so simple to do myself!

Hope you like it!

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! I had no idea how you did it and was hoping you would explain the process. :)