Monday, 2 June 2014

Jax by Bliss Polish

Hi guys!

I felt like some edgy but chic nails today and HAD to reach for Bliss Polish's Jax. Named after my #1 TV man Jackson Teller from Sons of Anarchy. 

Yvette Creates the most bad-ass polishes, but her matte's are out of this world. And this colour is just perfect for Jax. You can buy Jax here. *sigh* If only Charlie Hunnam would arrive in my letterbox instead...

The pictures below are all three thin coats with no top coat taken outside in non-direct sunlight, and then from inside my lightbox. I really wanted to show off it's matte yet glittery goodness. The coats all dry really fast, so even thought I used three to make it opaque, it has the drying time of two thin coats. Super convenient!

 Tell me this isn't a perfect gunmetal?? So beautiful! 

And now for the lightbox photos.

I honestly love this colour so much. The subtle glitter throughout is is just perfect for this to make the matte really pop. The whole SOA collection is gorgeous and I can't wait to hopefully collect the whole lot. And then there are the new neons she just released.......

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  1. Thanks for the review Love! I'm happy you love him as much as I do. Hands down the BEST Jax accented mani ever done. Skulls, spikes and bad assness. Xo -yvette