Saturday, 31 May 2014

Time to start a new adventure!!

Hello nail world!

After months of wondering if I should do this or just focus on my Instagram and over 12 hours of trying to work out how to set it up and create a header (I'm not even kidding.. it's 2am!) I have finally decided to enter the world of nail blogging.

I will be putting a lot of my Instagram work up here and going into more detail on how I do it as well as trying to do some pictorials (because I really need to organise a tripod/stand to film with). I will also be swatching a whooole lot of polishes.. the normal nail blog thing but with my own taste and weirdness!

So please stay tuned..... This is going to be crazy.. Mostly just for me, trying to work out how to blog and what not!

I can't wait to start!